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Power, Pain and Terror

Into WWII and other secret police scenes.

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Soldier is tortured by electricity.
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Oh....this is perfect!  I love the repurposing of every day items.  

Yeah - “pervertibles!”

All-around-the-house items, put to good use... 

looks fun to me

The bitch needs electricity

My drawing at pixiv

Tortured boy warrior


Electro torture therapy/punishment for gay boys?

In the morning (it’s 11:37pm PST, Jan 19th 2017, as I write this), America will be gaining a total fucking pyschopathic lunatic as a President, and a smarmy asshole as Vice President. Their anti-gay rhetoric is completely out of touch with the progressive values that America is supposed to have. 

 Buuuuuuuuut …. There’s the sadistic, kinky part of me that can’t help but fantasize about punishment / therapy centers set up across America to turn muscular gay boys into straight boys via electro torture.

 If you know my artwork you’ll know that electrocuting me would in no way turn me less gay, in fact I think as you turn up the voltage it might even transform me into a Captain America like warrior . I’m pretty hot on my desire and need to take lots of voltage through my balls. 

 Though of course this is a fantasy, and the reality of such a thing becoming true would be fucking awful. But if, like me, you’re looking for a way to get through the next four years without blowing your brains out .. just imagine all the young muscular gay boys kidnapped by the government, tied to electrified bedsprings and tortured hard .. for their own good  

If I didn’t have such an intense dislike of Trump and his disgusting plans for America I might even make this into a comic. When you think about it it’s rather good setup for a fascist, domination / torture story. But he’ll not be appearing in any of my art, I have very VERY high standards.

But its good food for your jerk off thoughts. I’m pretty sure my fellow electrophiliacs have already imagined this scenario in view of Mike Pence’s thoughts on gay behavior. Hell if they do setup such ‘therapy’ places .. I may have to turn myself in. “Officer, I can’t help it, I’m VERY gay .. you’ll need to shock my balls a LOT!! Cure me PLEASE!!” .. I’ll say trying not to look too enthusiastic

Seriously though good luck all my America buddies and followers. I’ll be making my comics and torture porn art regardless of what happens so you can count on me for your stress relieving parrilla torture fix.

And here’s to, what we hope will be, the shortest presidency in history.